Best Newcomer Short (2014)
Lines of Flight
Sal Brown & Martin Wood
United Kingdom

About the Film
Insightful with a little frisson of fear, Lines of Flight invokes the connection between industrial cities and the upland moors of the northern English Pennines by counterpoising the confines of modern life, be they social, psychological, or physical, with the captivating experience of free solo rock climbing. With a focus on the adventure and sheer joy of escaping the form-imposing abstractions of economic, social, and organisational constraint in some of the most beautiful parts of Britain, Lines of Flight appeals to both climbing and non-climbing audiences.

About the Director
Martin Wood is a teacher, researcher, theorist, writer and now film maker. In the past he has served at leading public research universities in the UK. He coordinates the Arts of Design and Management Research Cluster in the RMIT Centre for Sustainable Organisations and Work. Martin’s research and scholarship is currently concerned with questions pertaining to the meaning, purpose and scope of arts-based production and dissemination of social science knowledge.

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