Grand Prize Winner & Best Newcomer Mini (2014)
The Changing Place of Making
Jack Weisman

About the Film
The Changing Place of Making is a process of understanding inherent legacies passed from one generation to another. Through examining the dynamics between myself, my father, and his craft, I am also accepting his legacy. Creativity was a not chosen activity.

About the Director
Jack Weisman is a student filmmaker at York University in Toronto Ontario. He has been playing with video cameras since he found one in a trashcan at age 13. Jack’s won several prestigious grants and awards for his work with Developing Pictures, a non-profit production company founded with his friends in High School. In addition to the US and Canada he’s made films in Kenya, Haiti, Peru, and Venezuela. His student film from Sophomore year premiered as part of the Cannes Short Film Corner. His most recent film, The Changing Place of Making, was recently accepted to premiere at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal and is the Grand Prize Winner of the IAFOR Documentary Film Award 2014.

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