Best Professional Short (2014)
The Spoiler
Sanne Rovers
The Netherlands

About the Film
In this coming-of-age film we follow the dynamics within a group of friends who are building a 8.5 metre high float for the Grand Parade with carnival. The friends are put more and more under pressure as carnival approaches.

About the Director
Sanne Rovers (1981) studied Language and Culture at the University of Utrecht. In 2009 she made her first feature documentary in Venezuela, named ‘Servicio2’. This documentary tells us the story about two women who are locked-up in a living of a psychiatric hospital. In the year 2011 and 2012 Sanne attended a workshop at IDFA. During this workshop she made her second film ‘Wild Lily’. This documentary is about a little girl who has to move from a squathouse in the forest to a townhouse in a small village. ‘Wild Lily’ was selected for the Prix de Jeunesse. In the year 2013 Sanne made a short documentary about the dynamics within a group of friends who are working together in a carnival society, ‘The Spoiler’. In the same year she formed part of the collective that developed and produced the documentary ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’, about the Occupy Movement in Amsterdam.

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