The growth of the IAFOR Documentary Film Award & Festival has been tremendous. This year’s Open Competition was extremely competitive and our judges were faced with many difficult decisions. We truly feel lucky and honored to have such wonderful documentaries to choose from. We’d like to thank everyone who entered. Select documentaries from the Open Competition will be highlighted and screened at future IAFOR academic conferences held around the world. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on screenings and news from this year’s winning entries.

2016 Finalists

The IDFA Judges would like to recognize the finalists in 2016’s Open Competition for their outstanding work:

Developing the Darkness
Directed by Manuel Pascual

Directed by Sumira Roy

Directed by Fernando L. González Mitjáns

2016 Official Selections

Recognized for their excellent work, these documentaries will be featured at future IAFOR academic conferences.

Among the Believers SheryarAmong the Believers
Directed by Hemal Trivedi & Mohammed Ali Naqvi


breaking-pointBREAKING POINT: The War for Democracy in Ukraine
Directed by Mark Jonathan Harris & Oles Sanin


2016 Award Winners

All three of these films are winners in their respective categories. These documentaries will also be featured at future IAFOR conferences:

Best Newcomer – Mini Documentary

Adi: At the ConfluenceAdi: At the Confluence
Directed by Joor Baruah

Judges’ Comments:

Visually impressive! This documentary combined a newsworthy story with an interesting ethnographic dimension.

Compelling story with good cinematography. Provided a wonderful look into the Adi people and culture.

Best Newcomer – Short Documentary

Directed by Rachel Reed & Will Garofalo

Judges’ Comments:

An interesting and significant documentary. The use of archival footage was amazing and aided in telling the complete story of discrimination and struggle.

Best Documentary – Grand Prize

Placebo: Alt.RussiaPLACEBO: ALT. RUSSIA
Directed by Charlie Targett-Adams

Judges’ Comments:

Excellent documentary – original and compelling work.

A beautiful presentation with a lot of effort put into news archive material and capturing the “moment.” Well executed.

Thank You

Tentacle SyncThank you to all our entrants, judges, supporters, and audience members. This year’s festival was a great success and we look forward to bringing you more documentaries in 2017.

A special thank you to our Prize Sponsor, Tentacle Sync, for providing us with wonderful prizes for this year’s competition.

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