Winner of the IAFOR Open Film Competition 2013 in the category of Documentary (over 40 minutes) has been awarded to Scott T. Murchie for Nickel City Smiler. The five finalist films were screened at the FilmAsia2013 Conference in Osaka, delighting the delegates with their technical craft and creativity. The event was chaired by head judge, Professor Gary Swanson, and was attended by a number of VIPs and delegates from the event.

Category: Documentary (over 40 minutes)
Nickel City Smiler
Scott T. Murchie, USA

Forced to flee their homeland because of the brutal Burmese military dictatorship and a decades old civil war, Nickel City Smiler is a documentary film that follows a refugee’s struggle for hope and the American dream amidst discrimination, poverty and violence in one of the United State’s poorest cities.

For more information about the film, please visit the official website:

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