The IAFOR Open Film Competition 2012 award for Best Documentary (below 20 minutes) has been given to Anshul Tiwari for Rosario. The winners of the Inaugural IAFOR Open Film Competition were announced at MediAsia / FilmAsia 2012 in Osaka, Japan.

Category: Documentary (below 20 min)
Directed by Anshul Tiwari

“Ideas take birth silently, slipping under the skin and growing like cancer,” said Anshul Tiwari. “This film started much before I had known I was making it. When I first saw Dennis playing in the tunnel, he didn’t strike me particularly special. But there was something that told me to come back to that tunnel. I began frequenting that place more often. I didn’t know it precisely but I could feel that I was being drawn to his music. It began to live inside me.”

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