Leon Lee Honorary AwardThe IAFOR Documentary Film Award & Festival is delighted to announce the winner of the IDFA Honorary Award for 2016, Director Leon Lee.

“Leon Lee is an award winning film director and producer who explores thought-provoking stories related to modern China that could not be told within Chinese borders. His Peabody Award-winning documentary Human Harvest, about illegal organ harvesting, has been viewed by an audience of over 10 million and broadcast in over 25 countries worldwide. It also won an Association of International Broadcasters Award and the Michael Sullivan “Frontline” Award for investigative journalism. His recent narrative feature The Bleeding Edge, starring outspoken Miss World Anastasia Lin, was the recipient of a 2016 Gabriel Award and 2016 Leo Award. Lee also received an RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award for his work exposing organ harvesting in China.” – IMDb Mini Biography By: Melissa James

Leon Lee’s steadfast dedication to brining issues of human rights violations to light at the risk of his own safety and his impressive work in both documentary and narrative filmmaking has made Mr. Lee the recipient of this year’s Honorary Award. Mr. Lee was presented with his award certificate by head judge, Prof. Gary E. Swanson, followed by a screening of Human Harvest at the IAFOR Documentary Film Award & Festival 2016 in Kobe, Japan.

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