Gazelle - The Love Issue

IDFA2015 is proud to announce our Official Selections to be screened at this year’s Film Award & Festival in Kobe, Japan.

Official Selection – Professional Feature
Gazelle – The Love Issue
Directed by Cesar Terranova

Paulo is a 45-year-old Brazilian flight attendant. He is internationally famous in the after-hours world for the fabulous persona he has worked tirelessly to create, his artistic alter-ego, Gazelle. Appearing in clubs around the world in boldly conceived but carefully created costumes, Gazelle is a human sculpture, a magical ever-changing creature of the night.

But being Gazelle isn’t easy.

With the sudden and tragic sad death of Eric, his partner of seven years, Paulo must pass through a life transformation.Paulo is HIV+ but never got sick before and now he sees his own life is in danger for the first time. Looking to survive, he embarks on a conscious transformation, beginning with filtering what matters in his life. After his first grief, we see that Gazelle becomes a even stronger presence in his life as he begins to use his alter ego to express his deepest feelings and dreams.

A 45 minute excerpt from this film will be shown at the festival.

English Subtitles Available

IDFA2015 Competition Screening is Saturday, November 14th 3pm-5pm at the Art Center of Kobe.

Advance tickets ¥1500

Tickets available at

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