Best Professional Feature (2014)
Himself He Cooks
Valérie Berteau & Philippe Witjes

About the Film
Tons of colorful fruits and rice, giant cooking-pots, anonymous volunteers moving in unison to feed the visitors: we observe a langar, the Sikh tradition of a common canteen where all are served for free regardless of background. Set in the Golden Temple of Amritsar, a prominent place of Sikh worship, this beautiful, wordless film captures the spontaneous choreography of hundreds of people preparing 100,000 meals a day to reveal the unique face of this sacred place. Himself He Cooks is at once a striking visual essay, offering insights into the meaning of charity and philanthropy, and a profound meditation on food as the nexus of culture, nature, and human necessity.

About the Director
Valérie Berteau was born in 75, and now lives and works in Brussels. In the nineties, she started travelling and becoming involved in photography. After completing studies in visual communication, photography and video she began to work as a photojournalist and in film production. Her work is now mostly focused on filmmaking, especially documentaries. She is involved as coordinator of many projects with associations and NGO’s.

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